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Roger's Story
April 19th, 2018

Roger's Story

In the Maritimes, it is not uncommon for our customers to be told that "Roger is our brand! ". The story of Roger is one of passion and evolution: he has worked in so many areas of the company! He began at the warehouse, switched to be at the order desk and, after that, became Operations Manager. Now, Roger is working on sales and for him, his job at Ceratec means " Driving many kilometers to visit our client base. Pulling rabbits out of hats for our clients. Educating clients on our products. Providing the best customer service in the industry !!!" After more than 20 years at Ceratec, it is certain that his passion for the products and his dedication to the company are noticeable. After all these years, his motivation is always present! He tells us " I still enjoy the challenge of helping clients with their needs. I enjoy getting the phone call starting with “I have a problem and need your help.” I enjoy working with so many different types of clients, designers, builders, retailers, installers and end users " Our colleague from Dartmouth does not hesitate to share his knowledge with his colleagues, he is the one who hired them, and he is proud to see them stay so long. Roger explains that he feels pride in our entire team, who works so diligently to make our company a success: “for me, my role at Ceratec means I have the potential to grow the business and ensure our success for years to come.” Thank you, Roger, for your passion that never stops shining!