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Isabelle's Story
June 7th, 2018

Isabelle's Story

Isabelle Vézina knows how to share her knowledge and passion on a daily basis. Now a Team Leader at the Customer Contact Center in Quebec City for about 2 years, our colleague started as a clerk in the same department. Did you know that at that time, the branch only received calls from Quebec City? Now it's quite another thing, and what an evolution it is! Isabelle and her team now receive orders, in English and French, from our 7 branches across Canada. Isabelle tells us that what makes the difference in her days is "to see that customers feel my smile in my voice and the good service I offer them every day.” After 15 years in the company, Isabelle stood out by transmitting her good mood and her knowledge to her peers. When she thinks of her work, Isabelle tells us that she feels she has her place as an employee at Ceratec. "For me, working at Ceratec is my second home," she adds. Through her passion, her sense of collaboration and her daily actions, Isabelle has been able to endorse the values of our company and represents them so well and it is also her greatest pride at Ceratec. What can we wish him in his career? Our colleague tells us about the future she wants to have at Ceratec: "continue to grow and evolve in my role as team leader, and who knows how to climb higher. Thank you for your good work and your contagious smile!