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Emilie's Story
December 12th, 2017

Emilie's Story

Freshly out of school in 2004 and looking for new experiences, Emilie Lefebvre started working at Ceratec as an account payable and purchasing technician. Due to her willpower and devotion, she asked a lot of questions and voluntarily did a lot of training. Her knowledge quickly made her a resource about customs. When new positions opened in the company, Emilie became general accountant, and after, assistant controller. When we ask Emilie what she takes her biggest pride in her work at Ceratec she says “To have been able to progress. When I first arrived, I didn’t consider being one day sitting in the chair I’m in today.” She’s right to be proud, 10 years after she began at Ceratec, Emilie’s role has completely changed: she is now controller and head the team of receiving accounts, billing, paying accounts, pay and reception. What is her motivation at work? Her team: “Devoted people, having at heart the success of the company”. Emilie tells us, “when I first arrived at Ceratec, I immediately noticed that people were welcoming, helpful, available to answer my questions and always looking to improve themselves. After 13 years working at Ceratec, she is now helping others and using her leadership to help overcome new challenges. Thank you Emilie for your will power and your devotion !