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An ecological change in Montreal: the history of an evolution
June 28th, 2018

An ecological change in Montreal: the history of an evolution

The Montreal's Warehouse is in constant action, the trucks arrive and leave, transporting our stocks twelve months a year. This merchandise arrives by all types of transport, packaged as safely as possible in order to offer our clients products of an irreproachable quality. But what to do with all this packaging, once the orders arrived safely? Recycle as much material as possible: this is the big challenge that managers of the Montreal branch launched a few years ago. Now wood, soft plastics, retaining straps, cardboard and Styrofoam are reused or recycled, limiting Ceratec's ecological footprint. Once sorted by employees using identified bins, the materials are compacted in a machine provided for this purpose. Cardboard and soft plastics are collected once a week, as is styrofoam if it’s needed. But what to do with broken ceramics? Our Montreal branch has taken the initiative to provide schools of installers, thus limiting the amount of ceramic sent to special landfill sites to a minimum! We always encourage our employees to take such initiatives and save, in their own way, our planet.