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  • Performs operations / functions with security and safety at all times
  • Machine complex parts, efficiently and accurately in accordance with drawings and specification, usually without supervision
  • Load and unload his machine using overhead cranes and other material hanuling equipment (except for complex lifts)
  • Make all necessary machine set-ups without supervision.
  • Measure and inspect parts he has machined
  • Work performed in accordance with standard fabrication process and procedures.
  • Assist other machinist if necessary
  • Participate in product improvement and problem solving discussions
  • Select and if, necessary, sharpen the tooling needed for the parts he is working on
  • Clean and maintain his machine in good condition
  • Perform tasks of a lower classification if required
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Work environment

Work environments Ti Titanium Limited 0
Work environments Ti Titanium Limited 1
Work environments Ti Titanium Limited 2
Work environments Ti Titanium Limited 3

Requested skills

  • Minimum 10 years experience machining heavy equipment on vertical and horizontal lathe.
  • Must have precision machining skill.
  • Able to read and interpret drawings, standard machining symbols, planning sketches and industries standard specifications.
  • Optimize cutting speeds, depth of cut, etc… for all materials typically machined at ti-titanium ltd.
  • Fluent working in both metric and imperial units.
  • Capable to communicate in both French and English language.
  • Perform all shop mathematics necessary for complex parts. (including some knowledge of trigonometry)
  • Strong knowledge of layout and inspection procedures.
  • Competent in using material handling equipment, including overhead cranes. (except for complex lifts)
  • Work with minimum supervision.
  • Train personnel or an equal of lower classification to work on all equipment that he is capable of working on.
  • Must have a complete machinist toolbox.


Level of education




Work experience (years)


Written languages

Fr : Intermediate
En : Intermediate

Spoken languages

Fr : Intermediate
En : Intermediate