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Position Summary

The Spiritual Care Coordinator is responsible to provide pastoral/spiritual care and support to patients, residents, their families, the public and staff as the needs arise and in times of crisis. 

The incumbent will exercise the appropriate level of initiative and independent judgment in determining work priorities, work methods to be employed and action to be taken on unusual matters. The position functions in a manner that is consistent with the mission, vision and values; and the policies of Southern Health-Santé Sud. This position has a unique connection to the Spiritual Care Advisory Committee with members of Southern Health-Santé Sud, Morden and Winkler Ministerial, and the Boundary Trails Health Centre Foundation; and as a result provides consultation and support as requested through the leadership team.


  • Graduate of a recognized College/University program having received a Degree in a related field
  • Graduate of a recognized Theological Seminary- having received a Master’s degree preferred
  • Minimum of two basic units of Clinical Pastoral Education (preferably 2 basic & 2 advanced units)
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Pastoral Practice and Education (CAPPE)
  • Member in good standing of his/her local congregation and church conference or religious body
  • Minimum two years directly related experience providing spiritual care services in an institutional setting, educational, or government funded facility is required
  • Previous experience providing multiple faith programs in a related environment required
  • Endorsed (credential, ordained) by denomination for ministry
  • Work experience in counselling and/or training in gerontology
  • Experienced in the cycle of human life with a mature approach to enhancing the dignity and welfare of others during whatever stage of life they me be at
  • The ability to work impartially with people who follow a variety of religious, faith, and spiritual traditions is required, to try and provide faith based information needed as requested
  • To work effectively and remain calm (with patients/residents, patient/resident families, staff, physicians, and community clergy during emotionally tense situations is required)
  • Committed to discretion and confidentiality in all matters related to the work done at all sites
  • Able to work as a member of an interdisciplinary team as well as able to work independently
  • Given the cultural diversity of our region, the ability to respect and promote a cultural diverse population is required
  • Demonstrated ability to respect confidentiality including paper, electronic formats and other mediums
  • Demonstrated ability to meet the physical and mental demands of the job
  • Good work and attendance record
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