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Skills required:
• A University degree in the field of Information Technology
- Workload on Google Cloud Platform
- RHEL 7+ Linux OS and shell scripting
- Infrastructure as Code scripting with Terraform and Ansible for automated application builds
- Monitoring tools for statistics analysis and pro-active system tuning such as DataDog
- GitLab CI/CD pipeline design and scheduling with code quality stages spanning the lifecycle of Continuous Build & Quality, Continuous Deploy, and Continuous Testing
- Knowledge of security best practices including authentication protocols, ACL rules, and Identity Management mechanisms
- Build and deploy experience of Docker containers using Helm Charts and YAML configurations
- Deployment and management of securely hardened technology frameworks including Kafka, Istio, and Kubernetes
- Pipeline integration with DevOps Tools such as GIT, Docker, K8 containers, SonarQube, Nexus, Vault, test automation, Fortify, and Twistlock
- Maintain local development workspace inclusive of tools such as Minicubes, Skaffold, NPM, etc
- Salesforce DevOps pipelines;
- Release management and branching techniques
• Deep understanding of Agile/Lean principles such as SCRUM, Kanban, MVP etc. and a passion for working within these principles

Responsible for recommending and configuring continuous process improvements through the implementation of automation to build source code artifacts, deployment of artifacts, monitoring, code quality scanning, and improving the quality of testing. You will also be responsible for data refreshes across environments, automation of manual tasks, monitoring of batch SQL jobs, and configuration of batch runtime improvements.
As a member of this team, you will be responsible for:
• Working with Kubernetes and deployment of containerized micro-service on GCP
• Recommending automation improvements to replace manual tasks utilizing DevOps tooling
• Creating process benchmarks which will feed into baseline trending reports and documentation for new scripts, new configurations, patch set levels, etc.
• Configuring end user and administration access that adhere to access control guidelines
• Defining implementation and contingency plan for system upgrade and providing impact analysis and recommendation for system updates
• Coordinating with all teams and end users for change requests and providing regular status and schedule updates to the team
• Monitoring tools and system analytics to quickly diagnose the root cause of system issues
• Developing Unix shell scripts for system level analytics
• Creating and re-enforcing the use of checklists for routine tasks to ensure consistency of task delivery
• Creating and maintaining currency of operational runbooks for components so known issues are not re-encountered by other team members
• Experience in developing and maintaining documentation and wiki for multiple environments
• Work closely with internal business partners to gather requirements, design and implement solutions, manage technical operations, triage and fix operational issues
• Developing and implementing logging and system monitoring best practices, standards and guidelines
• Applying vendor provided system patches to DevOps tooling and Kubernetes containers
• Keep abreast of technology trends and developments

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