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Front End Manager
Location - Downtown Toronto
Permanent Position

Front End Manager to join the product teams to lead, guide and support development team members (both on-shore and off-shore).
• ReactJS (35%),
• Unit Tests (25%),
• Redux (25%),
• Next.js (10%),

• TypeScript (2%),
• NodeJS (1%),
• GCP (1%),
• Docker (1%)

Responsibilities include:
• React state management (thunk, saga, rxjs)
• Pros and cons of Promises vs Rx vs Async Await vs Generators
• Best practices of authorization and security (adventures of Alice and Bob)
• How to lay out the page using flexbox, css-grid, bootstrap
• How to separate concerns of data, logic, rendering
• How to balance convenience and flexibility
• What fosters developer growth and how to help developers grow
• Your perspective on interpersonal conflicts and how to harness its destructive power
• How to effectively engage the business and balance time pressure and maintainability
• What is leadership and why people would follow you as their leader
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