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Designated as the world star of editing by the newspaper La Presse, our client has revolutionized its area of ​​expertise and raised its notoriety to the rank of internationally recognized change agents. An expert in the field of digital imaging, our client now offers business coaching to small business leaders wishing to increase their knowledge of the digital market and their online business.

You will join a Training Center offering high-level tools and training as well as a rigorous coaching and support program.

To complete their team, our client is looking for a Business Management Advisor who will contribute to the marketing as well as the business development of their valued clients. We are looking for a versatile person with extensive business experience who, through his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise, will help clients clarify, plan and manage the growth of their businesses.


  • Create a unique experience with customers;
  • Define the client's business and personal objectives and the means to achieve them;
  • Support the client in the analysis of their business performance;
  • Hold one-on-one meetings and provide constructive feedback to the client;
  • Organize group meetings when clients have similar challenges;
  • Support the client in the development of their online offer, in setting up the business structure necessary for the growth of the business and in creating the operational process;
  • Support, advise and recommend to the client the use of digital products, applications, software or effective advertising platforms;
  • Offer a form of education to the client, depending on your area of ​​expertise;
  • Provide group training based on the topic raised and customer needs;
  • Participate to team meetings to discuss and share ideas.
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Work environment

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Requested skills


  • Experience as an entrepreneur or manager; 
  • Experience in strategic planning, business growth, team management, finance, business development or online marketing; 
  • Passion for training, coaching and personal development; 
  • Excellent communication in English OR French (Spanish an asset); 
  • Experience in digital marketing and social media; 
  • Great empathy and good listening skills; 
  • Self-taught, creative and the ability to stay in problem-solving mode.



  • Share your knowledge and contribute to the development of businesses around the world! 
  • Join a company ahead of its time, recognized on the international scene by its unique concept; 
  • Professional and personal development; 
  • Salary according to your experience; 
  • Permanent full-time position; 
  • 100% remote and flexible hours; 
  • Retreats to luxury destinations. 


What if you became a Mentor? Entrepreneurial spirit, focused on coaching and personal development, does this sound like you? Don't hesitate, you could contribute to the success of entrepreneurs by turning their greatest wealth into a successful business! Apply now! 

Only selected candidates will be contacted. 



Level of education




Work experience (years)

3-5 years

Written languages

Fr : Intermediate
En : Intermediate



Spoken languages

Fr : Intermediate
En : Intermediate