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The Bank is undergoing a significant transformation and we are currently looking for new players to join in on the fun!

It's quite simple: We're looking for passionate people who are ready to commit to building a payment platform and several microservices.

Do you enjoy developing new solutions? Do you consider your lines of code a work of art? Are you ready to play with cutting-edge technology?

Then read on! We are creating a superb brand-new payment platform and we need developers for SOAP, REST and other services. We're looking for bright developers like you.

You will be part of a team of passionate individuals who challenge the status quo every day to make things better! You'll be allowed to play with Java, Spring Boot, Git, Jenkins, Docker, API Connect, SonarQube, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Kafka, SQL to implement DevOps, and make work simpler and more enjoyable! Playing is not only allowed, it's required!

No ties or micro-managing here: You will be an agent of change and with your team, you will be in the best position to say what needs to be done to improve things!

Don't expect us to tell you what to do!  Agility is a part of our DNA, so we hope you enjoy Jira, scrums and everything that comes with them; that's our world!

We are looking for someone who is qualified for the position and passionate about development! We want to see that spark in your eyes when you talk about coding!

If you have a few years' experience in Java (preferably in backend) and are ready for an amazing adventure, we want you!

Functional skills:

  • Team player

  • Communication skills

  • Ability to ask questions

  • Ability to deliver in a volatile project situation

  • Resourceful

  • Actively looks for solutions

Technical skills:

  • Knowledge of Java development standards

  • Knowledge of Java 8

  • Understanding of Dependency Injection (Spring)

  • Knowledge of ORMs (Hibernate + Spring Data)

  • Knowledge of Git and GitFlow

  • Unit testing and understanding of mocking

  • Understanding of aspect programming (asset)

  • Understanding of batch processing issues

  • Understanding of queues and message-driven beans

  • Knowledge of SOAP and REST formats and protocols

  • Knowledge of parallel programming

  • Knowledge of SQL

  • Ability to read and prepare UML diagrams (Class, sequence and flow)

  • Knowledge of NoSQL database

We strive to be an inclusive organization where all employees are valued.  National Bank stands out for its many initiatives to promote inclusion, making it a Canada-wide leader in diversity.

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