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The Microsoft Turing team is an innovative research and engineering team working on state-of-the-art deep learning models to power end user experiences across the company. Applied scientists and software engineers in the Turing team work together to push the boundaries of large-scale deep learning models on Turing’s world class distributed training infrastructure.  


The team works on projects across the entire deep learning life-cycle. This includes deep learning models for language representation, language generation, image representations, and reinforcement learning which are then leveraged for down stream tasks for Bing, Office, Xbox, and more. Our Turing NLG (natural language generation) model is 17 billion parameters and powers many generative models within Microsoft. The Turing ULR (universal language representation) model is currently the top model on the XTREME leaderboard. Additionally, we work on large-scale distributed training, improving training performance, and run-time optimized inference allowing us to utilize the power of large models in production scenarios with tight latency constraints. The scenarios our models power reach hundreds of millions of users every month and span across natural language processing, computer vision, video processing, reinforcement learning, and recommendation systems.  


In addition to ensuring that Microsoft is pushing the state-of-the-art large-scale models, the Turing team also works on improving experiences across Microsoft’s products and services by working on high value scenarios. The Turing team has shipped capabilities across all of many Microsoft scenarios including AutoSuggest, Microsoft Word’s new find feature, quick reply on Outlook, Smart Compose features in Word, image enhancement models, recommendations, as well as many other features across Office, Bing, and Xbox. Additionally, we are working on a few entirely new experiences such as semantic search for enterprise and knowledge management (aka Cortex) for our SharePoint customers.  


As a Software Engineer in the Turing team, you will leverage your skills and experience to help build tools, frameworks and customer facing UI for our state-of-the-art deep learning models that power impactful features and are used by 100s of millions of people. You will work closely with applied scientists and engineers on building both backend tools to improve our models, and front end experiences built on top of those models do delight our customers. You will be responsible for building scalable performant, and beautiful UIs. This involves defining the architecture, implementation, validating everything is tested and robust and defining processes to improve our best practices. 

Do you want to work with a world class team of engineers and applied scientists? Would you like to be a part of a diverse, passionate, open-cultured, high visibility team with ambitious goals and a track record for delivering high value impact across the company? We are hiring at all levels from entry level to Principal. Our goal is to build large, general models that can work across many downstream tasks delighting millions of users with much improved experiences across all Microsoft products.  


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