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Come help us defend the world from cyber-attacks using your passion for data analysis and software development! 


Who we are: 

We are the Security and Compliance (S+C) team; we are committed to defending Microsoft customers from cyber-attacks as well as providing sophisticated tooling for securing important data. S+C fosters an agile development environment, continuously gathering and analyzing data to combat evolving threats. Our mission is to help protect customers with truly innovative proactive protection, advise customers on emerging trends, and engage in valuable partnerships. 


As the Research organization within S+C, it’s our job to stay one step ahead of malicious adversaries and predict the threats of the future. We work with partners across Microsoft to innovate new approaches for detecting and tracking threats, attacker techniques, their tools and infrastructure. 


We are always learning. Insatiably curious. We lean into uncertainty, take risks, and learn quickly from our mistakes. We build on each other’s ideas, because we are better together. We stand in awe of what humans dare to achieve and are motivated every day to empower others to do and achieve more through our technology and innovation. Together we make a difference for all of our customers, from end-users to Fortune 50 enterprises. 

What we build: 

We build innovative security and data compliance products. Our security products are brought together in the Microsoft 365 Defender (M365D) suite. M365D enables Microsoft’s enterprise customers to detect, investigate, understand, and respond to advanced threats on their networks via a combination of behavioral sensors, cloud security analytics, and threat intelligence. 


How you can help: 

We need your passion and engineering creativity to help protect our customers. The systems and tools you will work on will directly protect our customers around the world. You’ll have access to vast amounts of threat-related data from billions of endpoints and other sources. Within Microsoft, we have many partner teams that have decades of engineering and ML expertise who you will be able to collaborate with. We also offer many company-sponsored classes and conferences that focus on data science and ML.  


We want you to bring your authentic self and unique experiences to work. There is no requirement for prior security experience. We want to hear your ideas on how we can use our unparalleled breadth of data and resources to protect the world from cyber threats.  





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