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Develop MAPEI’s UTT Mine Backfill business in Canada, ensuring market penetration through effective strategy development and implementation. Maintain a high level of technical proficiency with all UTT product offerings and market applications.


  • Develop and implement a long term strategy to enter and grow MAPEI UTT business in the highly specialized Backfill Systems segment of the mining industry to improve the performance, efficiency and productivity of Paste and Hydraulic backfill mixes through the use of chemical admixtures.
  • Interact with key stakeholders in this business segment to achieve goals including: Mine Operators, Mine Backfill Consultants and Engineers, MAPEI Product Development and Lab/Technical Resources, MAPEI Sales Management and Marketing.
  • Develop a collaborative approach to the business, staying highly focused on the most qualified target(s). (A joint-based approach with an outside specialized backfill consultant will likely be a key tactical step in any larger strategy for this segment).
  • Identify, confirm and pursue the path forward with the most appropriate development partner/consultantIdentifies market potential, co-develops pricing and market strategies, estimates potential sales and identifies distribution/channel issues
  • Identify and recommend the best mine operator candidate(s) to approach, conduct backfill survey and suitability, begin collaborative internal testing and eventually conduct field trials to confirm performance.
  • Complete internal training and become technically proficient with MAPEI UTT product line solutions and their linkage to the requirements demanded by the paste and hydraulic backfill market.
  • This position will require excellent communication skills, strategic planning and research, informing and collaborating with internal departments: technical, sales, procurement, marketing, logistics and distribution, environmental, safety and regulatory compliance.
  • The BDL position will be significantly involved in underground mining operations and should be fully compliant with all aspects of mine safety and behavioral compliance in this environment.
  • The BDL collaborate with MAPEI UTT personnel on occasion, including participation of UTT meetings, trade shows, internal and external training events, technical meetings, demonstrations, and other events.
  • The BDL will provide management a detailed plan with budget for technical resources needed, testing and lab equipment required, materials needed including admixture samples, packaging, containers, demo inventory, tools, safety and PPE requirement
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Work environment

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Requested skills

  • University Degree with a minimum of 5 years in tuneling and mining markets in sales and or technical services or equivalent combination of education and work experience
  • Good knowledge of construction and restoration products and proficient in their application
  • Very good knowledge of MS Office (Word, Outlook Excel, Power Point)
  • Good knowledge of quality standards and industry standards
  • Experience in market studies
  • Good supervisions skills and understanding of the financial world
  • Creativity, autonomy,time and priorities management, sense of planning and organization
  • Analytical capacity, good interpersonal relationship and capacity to challenge situation or people
  • Good communication and negotiation skills
  • Valid driver’s licence holder and valid passport


Level of education




Work experience (years)

6-9 years

Written languages

En : Advanced

Spoken languages

En : Advanced