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Being in full growth, Machinage Piché Inc. is currently looking for new members to welcome into its big family! You want to find a most friendly work environment where happiness reigns, IT'S YOUR CHANCE!

Under the supervision of the ingeneering manager, the incumbent will:

* Design and draw equipment according to customer specifications and quotes sent by project managers;
* Perform detailed and manufacturing drawings as well as the required corrections in order to send them to the production department;
* Carry out research on the feasibility and design of new equipment, new methodologies in order to stay on the lookout for new products and to remain efficient in the market;
* Provide technical support to the after-sales service technician and production throughout the project with the client;
* Document and update the drawings and components used for the design of the equipment;
* All other related tasks.

Work environment

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Work environmentsMachinage Piché inc.1
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Requested skills

  • DEP Dessin industriel/DEC génie mécanique
  • Connaissances informatiques (Autocad, Inventor, suite Office)
  • Dynamisme
  • Excellent jugement
  • Esprit d’innovation
  • Débrouillardise
  • Sens de l’initiative
  • Gère bien la pression et les délais pouvant être exigés
  • Esprit d’équipe
  • Organisé et structuré
  • Souci du détail
  • Bilinguisme (un atout)


Level of education





Work experience (years)

3-5 years

Written languages

Fr : Intermediate

En : Beginner

Spoken languages

Fr : Intermediate

En : Beginner