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Become a department manager!

Are you curious to learn more about food, are you motivated and resourceful?

In your family you are considered the most responsible?

Then this is the job for you!


You might be wondering if you can apply if...

You have 1 year of retail experience?

YES! As long as you are interested in learning about this role, we want to talk to you!


You have a high school diploma or equivalent and management experience?

YES! Send us your resume, we want to meet you!


 You are already a department manager and are looking for advancement?

 YES! We offer several training courses that will allow you to develop and we are always looking for  

 and we are always looking for new people to join our team! Take the chance to join the family!


What would a typical day look like?

As a department manager you will :

  • work with production and customer service clerks;
  • ensure the implementation of exceptional customer service;
  • in collaboration with management, manage purchasing, inventory, price lists, merchandising, wage productivity according to established standards to ensure business readiness
  • provide team members with the necessary feedback for their professional development and the achievement of established objectives.

Work environment

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