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Job summary

Work environment


What would you say about becoming the leader of your team, and being involved in a company that is growing steadily and continuously? At Yuzu, we work together to provide our clients with an outstanding sushi experience, without neglecting pleasure.

100% implicated in daily operations, you will be in charge of managing the operations, human resources and client service. You will be the resource person for your team and clients, and will insure the respect of Yuzu's standards and procedures.

More specifically:
  • Participates daily operations tasks;
  • Follows up on operations costs;
  • Takes inventory and places orders;
  • Performs quality control tours;
  • Makes sur employees training is adequate;
  • Plans employees work schedule;
  • Follows up on client's satisfaction, including comments and complaints;
  • Performs any other tasks required for the proper conduct of operations.

Working conditions:
  • Base salary to be discussed according to experience;
  • Tips shared with your team;
  • Allowance ($) for transport during periods of low public transit availability.


Level of education

High school


In progress

Work experience (years)

0-2 years

Written languages

Fr : Intermediate

Spoken languages

Fr : Intermediate

Requested skills

Never made sushis? Don't worry! We offer a complete training.
  • Work experience in team management;
  • Experience in relation with the customers;
  • Team spirit and leadership;
  • Responsible and communication skills;
  • Excellent sense of priorities and stress management;
  • Desire to spread the Yuzuvibe!
You are organised, and would like to work for a company that will offer you responsabilities, challenges, and carrer opportunities? You want to be the leader of your team, and guide it through the achievement of your restaurant's objectives? Apply now!