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Job summary
Under the supervision of Purchasing Supervisor, purchase goods, materials and services to ensure that the company operational needs are met, taking into account price, quality and delivery and to ensure continuity of supply.

Tasks and responsibilities
• Involvement in all aspects of procurement including:
o Issue of Purchase Orders, checking acknowledgements and arranging collection of materials.
o Expedite, reschedule or cancel material deliveries as dictated by changes in demand with the goal of continually aligning supply with demand.
o Dealing with shipping companies on a daily basis to ensure materials are collected on time and that deliveries are received as expected.
• Work closely with Planning Department and Customer Service to ensure material availability to meet the constantly changing production plan and customer demands.
• Analyse on a regular bases the “A” products, verifies the open orders and evaluates if an order must be issued to make up stock for resale or manufactured items.
• Development of new sources of supply, analysis of quotes and selection of vendors.
• Collaborate to evaluate supplier proposals based on price, quality and other parameters and determine the best purchase choices.
• Handle international transportation processes and work with ocean/air carriers.
• Assist with all other duties within the Purchasing and Procurement department such as:
o Ensure all relevant information in ERP system is kept up-to-date – including supplier details, cross-reference information and prices.
o Maintain planning system integrity.
o Maintain inventory at required levels, and report on it.
o Participate in the development and implementation of all purchasing and planning policies and procedures, and in the continuous improvement of these
• Work to the quality system and procedures at all times (ISO 9001):
o Keeps the SDS sheets updated and gives a copy to the quality control department (raw material) or for (finished products)
o Sends to all new suppliers a letter and the Survey Report letter to be completed
o Hold a register for follow up off problems by suppliers (suppliers evaluation)

Experience and Qualifications
• 2 years experience in material planning for Manufacturing, working with an MRP system.
• Must be educated to a minimum of College Degree or equivalent experience
• Must have a good/excellent knowledge of Microsoft Excel
• Bilingual (English- French)

Other requirements
• Must be a motivated, enthusiastic individual with ability to work on own initiative
• Must be a Team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Must be a pro-active Self-starter, with excellent attention to detail and organizational skills
• Will have excellent computer skills as well as good analytical skills
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Work environment

Work environments Eutectic Canada inc. 0
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Level of education




Work experience (years)

3-5 years

Written languages

Fr : Advanced
En : Advanced

Spoken languages

Fr : Advanced
En : Advanced