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You are passionate about digital marketing, skateboarding, snowboarding and fashion? This job description is perfect for you!

Empire Sports Inc. is currently looking for an email marketing specialist to join its team!


  • Responsible for sending weekly email marketing campaigns to Empire’s offline and online customer databases and / or database segments;
  • Participate in the optimization and constant evolution of the process of collecting information about our customer form websites and other channels;
  • Maintain and segment the database according to the tastes, preferences and behaviors of Empire customers;
  • Mange, test and implement the marketing campaigns provided by the e-commerce and marketing departments;
  • Provide feedback to divisions so that they can optimize the design, content and presentation of electronic communications they prepare based on the results of previous marketing campaigns;
  • Ensure quality control and contribute to A / B tests to optimize the performance of email campaigns;
  • As required by divisions, manage the sending of email campaigns and ensure the timely execution of email efforts;
  • Analyze, monitor and communicate the performance of email marketing initiatives;
  • Ensure implementation of email best practices, including browser compatibility, use of images, etc.
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Work environment

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Requested skills


  • Bachelor’s degree or college diploma in marketing or related field;
  • Technical skills, mastery of technology, especially with Klaviyo or other electronic mail software;
  • Knowledge of list creation and database management;
  • Knowledge of email design and integration tools, Photoshop, HTML and CSS;
  • Strong project management and planning skills as well as good organizational skills;
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills;
  • Good communication skills and team spirit.


Level of education




Work experience (years)

3-5 years

Written languages

Fr : Advanced
En : Advanced

Spoken languages

Fr : Advanced
En : Advanced