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Daily help
Drive the forklift as needed to load and unload products for the receiving & receiving service
Responsible for loading and unloading products for receiving & Shipping
Responsible for receiving and inspecting inbound deliveries of materials and contracted work
Wrap products using air bubble wrap, plastic bags and cardboard boxes
Place the products in corrugated boxes and if applicable stack the packed pieces on wooden pallets
Secure the parts in a safe and balanced manner
Work as a support for the various work processes - Assist the painting, assembly and packaging departments if necessary
Perform any other related task as needed
Work with safe work methods and postures

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Work environment

Work environments Electron Metal 0
Work environments Electron Metal 1
Work environments Electron Metal 2
Work environments Electron Metal 3

Requested skills

In good physical shape
Hardworking, punctual and reliable
Can drive the fork lift when needed
Sense of organization
Ability to perform simple calculations
Ability to analyze instructions
Attention to detail
Ease of working in a team
Manual dexterity
Heavy lifting required occasionally


Level of education




Work experience (years)

0-2 years

Written languages

Fr : Intermediate

Spoken languages

Fr : Intermediate
En : Beginner