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This position is responsible for performing the maintenance activities, completing various maintenance projects within the Plant and will work on projects with contractors (as required).   


•    Comply with all company policies and safety procedures.
•    Complete 8 hours of work daily starting work Monday - Thursday 4:30pm to 1:00am and Friday 2:30pm - 11:00pm only (no overtime- unless arranged by the lead hand). Any overtime will require approval from Reginal Maintenance Supervisor. 
•    Complete hourly log sheet of daily activities. 
•    Use fall arrest procedures to clean and remove debris from news screens.
•    Remove debris from CP screens, OCC, news feeder screens, news glass breaker screens and glass breakers.
•    Clean air blowers inside and under fibresort A and B, multiwave A and B, Sapphire and Aladdin.
•    Regularly clean optical glass, light lenses and reflectors on Aladdin, Sapphire and Fibresort A and B as well as clean optical glass on multiwave A and B.
•    Blow dust and Debris from equipment, catwalks, sort rooms, roofs provided it is safe.
•    Remove debris from pits using Confined Space procedures.
•    Daily sweep under the fiber line, container and from both bailers. Also, remove any hanging debris when safe. 
•    Occasionally, gather debris from parking lot and yard area.
•    Pressure wash fibresort chutes, ADS drums, Eddie current chute, and Harris Heat Exchange. 
•    Clean material from shaker socks and change bags when  full.
•    Assist in maintaining cleanliness in the plant as required.
•    Other duties as required.
This job description indicates the general nature and level of work, duties and responsibilities expected of the incumbent.  The incumbent may be asked to perform other duties as required.  The job description may change if needed as determined by the Company. 



•    Must have high school education. 
•    Should be physically strong to work for 8 hours.


•    Must be able to work well in an unsupervised environment and as part of a project team.
•    Proven troubleshooting ability with emphasis on safety and reliability.
•    Must be well organized.
•    Good communications and interpersonal skills.
•    Ability to meet deadlines.
•    Must be aware of all safety standards and requirements for maintenance work.
•    Three - five years experience in a manufacturing or related industry.  Previous experience with equipment used in the recycling industry and with related mobile equipment would be a definite asset.


•    Normal recycling plant work environment

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