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Job Description

This job description indicates the general nature and level of work, duties and responsibilities expected of the incumbent.  The incumbent may be asked to perform other duties as required.  The job description may be changed if needed as determined by the Company

Job Responsibilities

This position is responsible for performing the preventative maintenance activities, completing various repair and maintenance projects within the Plants and will work on large projects with contractors (as required). 

Must understand and practice the Company’s values, which includes treating each other with respect and dignity regardless of position and supports personal growth and continuous improvement.


1.    This position will work closely with the Maintenance Manager in developing and maintaining all maintenance policies and procedures. 
2.    As per the established schedule, perform the required all stationary equipment, mobile plant equipment and building components.  Will maintain all of the necessary records to support PM Program.
3.    Will carry out regular inventory control procedures.
4.    Maintain, overhaul and repair all plant equipment.  This may include the baler(s), conveyor(s), sort line, forklift(s), loader(s) and all other related equipment.
5.    Modify and fabricate equipment to fit new production requirements or solve production issues.
6.    Assist contractors with major repairs or overhauls and with new equipment installations as required.
7.    Work with blueprints, sketches, and technical drawings.
8.    Perform cutting, grinding, fabricating and welding as required.
9.    Operate mobile equipment as required in the performance of job duties.
10.    Complete daily housekeeping assignments.     
11.    Responsible for returning all tools to the shop after use.
12.    Attend all Department meetings. 




•    Must have a related technical school training certificate.  
•    Must have a valid welding certificate.


•    Three - five years experience in a manufacturing or related industry.  Previous experience with equipment used in the recycling industry and with related mobile equipment would be a definite asset.


•    Good knowledge of electrical and hydraulic components.
•    Must be able to work well in an unsupervised environment and as part of a project team.
•    Proven troubleshooting ability with emphasis on safety and reliability.
•    Must be well organized.
•    Good communications and interpersonal skills.
•    Ability to perform machining would be an asset.
•    Must be aware of all safety standards and requirements for maintenance work.


See the attached Physical Demands Analysis (PDA).


Plant environment - exposure to dust, wet/rain, hot and cold temperatures, noise, etc.

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