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028372 – Manager, Settlements (Inergi)

General Accountabilities:

Manager, Settlements - This position will support Customer Service Operations, as determined, by developing and leading a team of professional, technical and clerical staff capable of effectively providing Wholesale and Retail Settlement services in accordance with policies, procedures, contracts and service levels.

Specific Accountabilities:

Through direct supervision of staff and collateral relationships with Clients and Stakeholders and within the context provided by the VP, provide the following: 

  • Provide all aspects of leadership, supervision and guidance to a team of professional, technical and clerical staff. 
  • Develop and manage relationships and interdependencies with key client individuals and stakeholders to ensure appropriate capability, information sharing and roles meet the needs of the business and our customers within established contracts, policies and procedures. 
  • Financial accountability to meet the department’s budget. Will be required to provide accurate variance analysis, gain sharing implications and forecasting on a monthly basis 
  • Create and provide monthly metrics review of the team’s performance for all aspects of the operation.

Develop for the unit, in accordance with set standards, processes to administer and implement the following:

  • Staff development, Resource allocation, effort, and Resource planning.  
  • Develop for the unit, plans to improve performance and productivity through process improvement, training and tools 
  • Work with personnel to adapt personal development and recruitment plans to ensure that staff numbers and capabilities align with these requirements 
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to staff 
  • Develop and enhance all major processes including renewals, variance and forecast reporting, budget change requests, budgeting and other administrative processes 
  • Participate in and align with North American and Global initiatives

Managerial Accountabilities:

Maintaining a Team of subordinates capable or producing the required results: 

  • Determine the skills profiles and experience that staff in the unit need to possess in order to effectively fulfill the mandate assigned to the department by the Director. 
  • Assess the skills and experience possessed by staff assigned to the unit; based on gaps between the skills and experience currently available and those required, develop and implement an employee development strategy to eliminate those gaps. 
  • Manage the performance of the professional, technical and clerical staff in the unit. 
  • Ensure all staff is aware of performance expectations regarding their work performance. 
  • Develop and implement a personal development plan with each individual and in accordance with company policy, which is reviewed and updated at regular intervals throughout the year. Provide guidance and assistance when required. 
  • Provide formal performance assessments at year-end based on union representation. 
  • Based on performance, make effective recommendations regarding merit increases, promotional opportunities and rotations for staff in units.
  • Ensure that staff members follow required administrative procedures and codes of conduct.  
  • Take appropriate actions to resolve performance problems with staff 

Providing leadership and guidance to subordinates to ensure individual development:  

  • Determine the aptitudes and career interests of staff in the unit and work with these individuals to develop personal development plans (including plans for training and work assignments designed to provide experience in particular areas). 
  • Provide counselling and mentoring to staff to help each individual achieve the objectives of his/her personal development plan 

Support company initiatives and policies in providing a safe and healthy work environment:

  • Provide subordinates with appropriate knowledge, skills, information, work procedures and equipment to facilitate behaviour, which will protect their safety and contribute to their health 
  • Provide a work environment and facilities where health and safety incidents are minimized 
  • Provide a work environment that supports and values diversity, and is free from harassment 
  • Know and ensure subordinates comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, corporate policies and procedures, and generally accepted practices relating to their work.

Demonstrating stewardship of assets and resources: 

· Ensure every reasonable precaution is taken for the protection of subordinates, the environment and assets
· Provide for the security of human and physical resources, including information.

 Financial Accountabilities: 

  • Provide accurate financial forecasting, variance analysis, business case support, gain sharing financial support and budgeting for the department
  • All time reporting for work programs is kept current.  
  • Cost improvement initiatives to meet the department’s budget.

 Selection Criteria Competencies:

Demonstrated Managerial experience (as per above) demonstrated leadership in development of subordinate staff, demonstrated process improvement and transformation skills.

Technical Knowledge:

The Settlements Manager should demonstrate an understanding of the key functions, systems and skill competencies required in Settlements including Hydro One and related government policies and procedures that drive wholesale and retail settlement operations.

Demonstrated Management Skills:

Analytical thinking - ability to understand a situation by segmenting and tracing implications step by step.
Client -Service Orientation - desire to help or serve others, to meet their needs.
Developing Others - takes action to foster the long-term learning or development of others.
Impact and Influence - able to persuade, convince, influence or impress others.
Listening, Understanding and Responding - ability to accurately listen, understand and respond appropriately when interacting with individuals and groups.
Team leadership - ability to take a role as leader of a team or other group.
Teamwork - able to work with others as part of a team, as opposed to working separately or competitively.
Process Improvement - demonstrated ability to assess and drive process improvements.

This experience and knowledge is generally acquired through a four-year university education in a field such as information technology or business administration. A period of from 10 - 12 years is considered necessary to gain this experience. An MBA would be an asset.

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This is a general description of the Duties, Responsibilities and Qualifications required for this position.

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As part of the Capgemini Technology Services Group, this person will be responsible for the full systems lifecycle from requirements gathering through implementation of data analysis solutions.

This person will work closely with our clients and must demonstrate professional knowledge to ensure that the work products and deliverables are of the highest caliber to ensure client satisfaction.

This person will also apply subject matter expertise to identify, develop, and implement techniques to improve engagement productivity, increase efficiencies, mitigate risks, resolve issues, and optimize cost savings and efficiencies for each client.

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