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At Bisson Expert, when a client calls with a foundation problem for their home, we send a representative to the client's home. We use the term representative because they are Bisson Expert's first impression and you know how essential this is. However, we also use the term technical service expert, because they have expertise that is crucial to the success of our mandates. The two main roles of our experts are to make a diagnosis and to accompany the client throughout the process. If what you're reading speaks to you, you'll certainly like what follows.

Bisson expert is looking for technical service experts to add to its team. The beauty of our mandates is that you will be part of a team that contributes to the realization of large-scale projects. Our mandates have a great impact on our clients, we repair the foundations of their homes, but above all we bring them peace of mind. This work involves significant investments and is a source of considerable stress for our clients. It is obvious that we accompany them throughout the process to reassure them.

Here are the qualities that our experts must have in order to be happy at Bisson Expert:

- Be empathetic and compassionate towards the client, and know how to reassure them when necessary

- Know how to simplify information to help the client understand

- Have a good ability to adapt (customers are all different)

- Do not like selling under pressure, because we do NOT!

- Have integrity & honesty

- Be dynamic, sociable & motivated

- Enjoy challenges (no two jobs are the same)

- Have sales experience

- Have expertise or experience in construction, foundations, engineering, building, architecture.

- Hi/Bonjour! How are you? Comment allez-vous? (Bilingual)

On our side, what we offer is a complete and competent team for the execution of our contracts. A complete range of services that will allow you to offer customers the solution they really need.

If this job offer appeals to you, send us your resume. We will contact you and tell you more about the position and the other benefits (monetary and others) that we offer.
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Work environment

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Base salary with commissions (%) on sales


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Work experience (years)

3-5 years

Written languages

Fr : Intermediate
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Spoken languages

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