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Packaging Operation:
• Asserting that the machine is ready to operate before the personnel’s arrival, must insure a
follow up with the operator that replaces him on the next shift
• Verifies the weight specifications sheet and ensures that the weight is respected during
production, in case of non-conformity, the machine operator needs to make the necessary
• Corrects nonconformities reported by the employees on the conveyor
• Validates and coordinates with the conveyors clerk and quality control the changes on the batch
• If necessary counts the losses (sachets and powder) and reports the losses on the production
• Completes the operation and the CSP reports for each production
• Does lubrication as a preventive measure
• Communicates all equipment problems, mayor or minor, to the mechanics
• Ensures to follow all working methods by respecting the companies politics for hygiene and
Barline Operation:
• Set up and adjust processing and packaging machines for the start of operations hygiene
• Operate single-function machines to extract, mix, stir, bake, chill, freeze or for any other stage
of bars manufacturing process
• Perform tests during the process so that products are in established quality standards and
make necessary adjustments
• Complete production records by indicating the date, weight, temperature and measurements of
various parameters of the products produced or in production.
Product change:
• Ensures follow up procedures for padlocks
• Disassembles and reassembles equipment
• Performs washing, rinsing and sanitizing of equipment according to allergens sequences,
respecting the sanitation methods
• Mechanically adjusts the machine according to setup sheets for format required
• Validates and coordinates with the conveyor attendants the product change
• Has the startup of the line approved by the quality control department
• Validates the product to be packaged as well as their labels
• Validates with the mezzanine clerk that the correct product is packaged with the correct lot

Change of format on the Barline:
• Insures follow up procedures for padlocks
• Disassembles and reassembles equipment
• Installs parts for the appropriate format for new product to be packaged
• Validates and coordinates with the conveyor attendants the format change
• Mechanically adjusts the machine according to setup sheets for format required
• Adjusts speed of the machine according to established criteria.

Verification of the quality of the product as per established norms:
• Verifies that the code and other information applied on the little bags or on labels are correct,
readable and same as in the SPEC 's
• Check the weight and general appearance of the bags comply with predetermined standards
• Verifies that the information on the boxes are the same as the products inside
• Verifies that the boxes staked on pallets meet the planned scheme
• Verifies that the crates stacked on pallets meet the planned scheme
• Communicates quality problems and any food safety issues to supervisor and quality control

Other tasks:
• Keeps all new amendments in the binder up to date
• Maintains all new amendments in the binder for layout settings for changes in the set up
• Helps other packaging lines when necessary
• Maintains work environment clean and tidy
• Communicates and collaborates with the warehouse and the quality control department
• Informs his supervisor of service requests to enter in Superbase system.

Insurance benefits following 3 months of service includes medical and dental coverage at 80%, travel insurance, online virtual clinic, employee assistance program and eyeglasses coverage up to $400.00;
5 paid sick day per calendar year;
Various social activities throughout the year;
Employee raffles;
RRSP retirement savings program with employer contribution

Work environment

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Requested skills


  • 6 months - 1 year of experience in a similar position
  • Knowledge of food hygiene standards (HACCP)
  • Knowledge of good food practices in manufacturing
  • Knowledge of setups
  • Knowledge of the SIMDUT


Level of education

High school



Work experience (years)


Written languages

Spoken languages