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Enhancing Care in the Community. Edmonton Zone Continuing Care provides an integrated system of health and personal support services to clients living in their own home, in a supportive living setting or in a long term care setting. The Home Living Program is looking for a Nurse Practitioner to join their team of professionals and inter-sectoral partners. As a Nurse Practitioner in the Home Living Program, you will have the opportunity to work in an office setting as well as travel within established geographical networks of care in the Edmonton Zone to address clients who: are homebound; unattached to primary care physicians; do not meet the criteria for special programs and services, are complex and vulnerable geriatric clients and for those whose social, cognitive and medical complexity provide challenges for ongoing management in the community. The successful candidate will assume a key role in the management of clients in the community, building on primary health care concepts and case management principles, thereby diminishing emergency room visits, acute care admissions and re-admissions, mitigating adverse event management, assisting with medication reconciliation and assisting in the care of complex client scenarios such as palliative and end of life care. Within this advanced model of care, you will work as a partnership with a common goal of clients achieving and maintaining their health, well-being, and independence.


The Nurse Practitioner will be asked to assist with issues such as complex wounds, multiple co-morbidities, chronic diseases, cognitive decline and/or delirium, advanced neurological conditions, pain management and capacity issues. The NP will be utilized as a community resource for clients, caregivers, physicians and health care providers at all levels of the care continuum, building on case management models and systems integration while working to utilizing the right resources for the right client. With increasing requests to have the complex medical needs of clients managed in the community and with the realization that challenging acute care discharges require additional expertise in Home Living, NP's are poised to move the agenda of aging in the right place at the right time ahead for Alberta Health Services. The Nurse Practitioner role includes, but is not limited to: the utilization of advanced assessment and physical examination skills, diagnosing and managing common, complex and chronic health conditions, promoting health and preventing illness/injury, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, prescribing pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other therapies, assisting clients and caregivers to navigate through the health care system, negotiating with experts in regards to communication, family dynamics, community resources and partners, and cost-effectiveness of interventions. NP’s are informed health care practitioners providing services across the health care continuum and from cradle to grave. As such, their participation is valued and respected in research activities, education, on committees and in health care forums examining health care services, programs, and delivery models now and for the future.

  • Classification:
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Union:
  • Exempt
  • Department:
  • NE LTC Home Nursing
  • Primary Location:
  • Plaza 124 Building
  • Employee Class:
  • Regular Full Time
  • FTE:
  • 1.00
  • Posting End Date:
  • 26-JAN-2021
  • Date Available:
  • 05-FEB-2021
  • Hours per Shift:
  • 7.75
  • Length of Shift in weeks:
  • 12
  • Shifts per cycle:
  • 60
  • Shift Pattern:
  • Days, Evenings, Weekends, On Call
  • Days Off:
  • As Per Rotation
  • Minimum Salary:
  • $48.27
  • Maximum Salary:
  • $62.91
  • Vehicle Requirement:
  • Driver's License, Vehicle Required

Required Qualifications:

Successful completion of an approved Nurse Practitioner program of studies at a Master of Nursing level or equivalent. Eligible for licensure with CARNA as a Nurse Practitioner. 3-5 years of recent nursing experience in a combination of areas including but not limited to: acute/sub-acute, rehabilitative, community emergency room, ICU, continuing care, home care, etc.

Additional Required Qualifications:

Evidence of area of expertise in their graduate degree Nurse Practitioner stream (Family/All Ages, Adult, Child/Child (Neonatal Specialty). CPR Certification.

Preferred Qualifications:

CNA Certification in National Nursing Specialty (i.e. Gerontological, Critical Care, Nursing, Hospice, Palliative Care Nursing, etc.).

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