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Bilingual Property Manager ( on-site)

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Adecco is recruiting for a Bilingual Property Manager for a full-time permanent client based in Montreal, ON. This role is on-site, but can be flexible if there is a need for an emergency.
The Bilingual Property Manager will have the Following Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and transmit all reports and established schedules as per Company procedures
  • Maintain and keep up to date record of each employee’s sick and vacation days
  • Control and approve overtime. Keep records of overtime description of work.
  • Ensure that all employees respect the company dress code and other company policies
  • Prepare and transmit disciplinary notices, when required
  • Prepare and approve all purchase orders as per the Company rules and regulations on Yardi platform
  • Verify G/L accounts and approve all invoices, and maintain and update the Budget Status Report
  • Prepare all construction and/or service contracts as per company procedures
  • Ensure and/or obtain competitive price quotes for all work and/or services to be performed
  • Prepare and review all contracts for approval as per company policy and ensure that these contracts are adhered to once approved
  • Prepare and transmit tenant charge backs, and prepare the annual budget
  • Control operating expenses and ensure that the budget is respected
  • Prepare and/or review and/or modify the emergency and evacuation procedures manuals and ensure that they are kept up to date
  • Ensure that tenant and supplier emergency phone numbers are kept up to date
  • Transmit to security all emergency telephone numbers for the tenants, suppliers, and members of the administration
  • Establish and maintain control over key distribution as well as building/parking access cards (to employees, tenants and to contractors)
  • Document all incident and/or accident reports and forward same to insurance broker, if warranted, following the established Company procedures and when required, follow-up on any insurance claim processed
  • Ensure that environmental, fire safety, and any and all rules are being complied with in respect to hazardous materials in tenants’ premises as well as the building’s common areas
  • Coordinate and conduct approved emergency evacuation fire drills and prepare a summary report
  • Maintain courteous and professional relationships with the tenants
  • Prepare tenant memos, and keep up to date on all tenant receivables
  • Collect all rents and any other amounts due by the tenants, including any arrears, as per their respective lease obligations and forward the cheques to the head office
  • Prepare and transmit all warnings and default letters to the tenants in collaboration with lease obligations
  • Ensure that all rules and regulations are being respected, and inform tenants of all decisions that may affect them
  • Preparation, execution and distribution of correspondence to tenants, suppliers, customers, head office, etc. (including rent reductions, leases, amendments to lease, service agreements, construction contracts & purchase orders)
  • Participate in the uploading of the TGR for both tenants and proactive maintenance.
  • Enter approved purchase orders, and responsible for petty cash
  • The Bilingual Property Manager Must Meet the Following Mandatory Requirements
  • Must speak English and French
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in a similar role
  • Must have strong Microsoft suite, especially Microsoft Excel
  • Good interpersonal skills, will need to work with difference departments
  • Organizational skills very strong

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