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We are: 

Talent and Organization, and we help clients co-create the workforce of the future. How? We make decisions based on insights. We give people the tools and roadmaps to do their best work. We create digital experiences employees love. And we teach companies how to grow great, forward-thinking leaders. Our approach and our people put us at the front of the pack for talent, HR and organizational consulting. We help clients with new skilling, talent strategy, leadership development, employee experience, change management and beyond. Visit us here to find out more about Talent and Organization

You are: 

An experienced force for change. You know that companies must change or be left behind, and you know how to help companies do that. You’ve got the skills, tools and know-how to help companies remake themselves from top-to-bottom to be more nimble, more capable and more productive. And you’re someone that people look to for advice and guidance. You’ve done this plenty of times and it shows in how you help people on your team do their best, so their clients get the best advice. 

An expert workplace educator who can also apply those skills to your own team. You know all the different ways that people learn. And you can pick and choose from the latest techniques and tools to help companies help their employees do their best. You’re more than just a learning specialist though. You’re also able to help clients choose the best way to approach learning on the job so they can transform their companies into digital powerhouses. And you’ve done this enough times that you’re able to share your experience and know-how with the people you lead  

The work: 

  • Help clients through the transformation process that will make their companies more capable  

  • Develop human-centered strategies for change that are agile, and ready for the digital world 

  • Support the translation of strategic direction and business objectives established by clients into holistic change strategies 

  • Design agile change strategies that will help companies change their culture and the way they do everything while preparing them for the future 

  • Use leading practice change tools and methodologies including:  

  • Predictive analytics  

  • Engagement, collaboration and facilitation tools like Mentimeter/ThinkTank 

  • Experience design using personas and informed by organizational analytics 

  • Help clients transform their companies into resilient organizations comfortable with redirection and ambiguity 

  • Help Accenture with business development including proposals and client relationships  

  • Build our T&O practice by helping with market research, Points-of-View, capability development, thought capital, and knowledge management 

  • Help teams design and craft ways for employees to learn and to roll out the continuous learning people need to perform effectively now and tomorrow 

  • Assist management to design digital learning models that include AI/machine learning for content development and updates 

  • Help management design and roll out learning strategies that support people working together  with machines 

  • Find ways to include micro-learning and machine learning in strategies companies can use to find new employees and teach them new skills  

  • Use new learning techniques and tools like gamification, AR/VR, and mobile delivery to help companies educate their people and develop new skills as part of digital transformation  

  • Use a blended learning methodology to roll out continuous digital learning that supports new, agile ways of working and just-in-time training  

  • Be ready to build those air miles with travel as needed 

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