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Mission off site Quebec

About the Job

The Structural Assembler is responsible for performing complex assemblies and subassemblies and/or to ensure the assembly of equipment, according to technical definitions. 

Main Missions
- Conduct an inventory of components prior to assembly. 
- Assemble metal and/or composite parts according to the client's technical data (blueprints, production, quality, instruction sheets, lines, environment, installation instructions, maps, etc.).
- Ensure the right products (sealant, metallization, anticorrosive, paint) and the right tools are used for the assembly, according to technical and safety instructions. 
- Use various production techniques for the assembly, including rivet fastening. 
- Ensure the technical development of the assembled unit following control. 
- Verify work compliance with generic and specific standards defined in the technical work documentation and report any irregularity. 
- Make reports about the work performed.

Responsibility and authority for QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment)
- Apply the QSE management system and respect the processes, procedures and instructions currently in effect.
- Contribute to the management of non-conformities - customer complaints and corrective and preventive actions.

Prerequisites - Profile
- Diploma in vocational studies (DVS) or Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) in aeronautics, structural assembly 
- Minimum of 2 years in a similar position 
- Excellent knowledge in reading and interpreting drawings and blueprints 
- Analytical and manual abilities and attention to detail 
- Capacity to work as a team and under pressure and to adapt to a constantly evolving environment 
- Knowledge of hygiene and safety rules and how to use personal and environmental protection equipment
- Spoken and written French and English

Employment conditions
- Mission off site Quebec
- Permanent, full-time position
- Day shift, evening and night shift 
- Competitive salary
- Group Insurance Program
- Career development opportunities

Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted.


About AAA Canada:

We are an on-site manufacturing company that offers specialized subcontracting and technical assistance services related to industrialization, production and supplier monitoring processes in the Aerospace and Transportation sectors. With over 1,125 workers, AAA Canada operates at client sites across the country, mainly in Quebec and Ontario. AAAQC19

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