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A stimulating position in an innovative company: this is what awaits our Tool and die maker. A.B. Mekatek is a firm that has pursued the same goal since its inception: to provide its customers with reliable service and superior products.

The positive attitude of our employees reflects our values. Proud to associate their name with ours, our Tool and die makers are happy to strive for excellence, especially since we always recognize their efforts. Everyone who joined our team is won over: they are still working with us!

What do they like about A. B. Mekatek?

  • Their competitive salary;
  • Our equipment at the cutting edge of technology;
  • The trust that reigns between bosses and employees;
  • Our safe working environment;
  • The good humor that animates our premises!


Our Inspector will play a crucial role in the manufacture of our products. On a daily basis, you work with various equipment and software related to metrology.

Responsibilities of the Inspector:

  • Plan reading and interpretation;
  • Knowledge of sizing and tolerancing standards;
  • Know how to use the metrology instruments available (Faro Arm);
  • Knowledge of control methods.
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Work environment

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Requested skills

Required skills

Methodical, our inspectors are distinguished by their strong analytical mind and their great attention to detail. Hardworking team players, they do not hesitate to help each other overcome difficulties. They know that collaboration is a guarantee of success!

To become an Inspector with us, you need:

  • Professional studies diploma DEP in Industrial design or equivalent study / experience related to metrology;
  • Know Polyworks software and have experience with a Faro arm;
  • Minimum experience with Autocad, SolidWorks software and the Microsoft Office suite;
  • Be comfortable in spoken and written French and English.

Your qualities:

  • Focused on problem solving;
  • Sense of organization and responsibilities;
  • Ability to communicate adequately.


Level of education




Work experience (years)

0-2 years

Written languages

Fr : Advanced

Spoken languages

Fr : Advanced