Job Description Mechanic

A mechanic is a tradesperson specializing in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of mechanical systems. They can work as independent contractors, working on projects for individual clients, or as part of a team in factories, repair shops, construction crews and other types of industrial business. It is a job role that requires a great deal of specific knowledge combined with hands-on practical expertise. They can be responsible for everything from installing small components in machines to servicing entire fleets of industrial machinery.

5 Requirements to be Mechanic

  1. Graduate from a technical/trade school
  2. Complete apprenticeship with provincial trade organization
  3. Receive Certificate of Qualification or equivalent credential
  4. Have in-depth knowledge of mechanical tools, equipment and systems
  5. Be able to safely troubleshoot problems and pay close attention to detail.

What does a Mechanic do ?

A Mechanic is responsible for repairing and maintaining machinery, equipment and systems of all shapes and sizes. A Mechanic will typically specialize in a specific area, such as HVAC systems, construction equipment, vehicle repair and others. For self-employed Mechanics, they often perform repair services for individuals and small businesses. Some of the daily tasks can include:

  • Troubleshoot and repair various mechanical equipment and systems
  • Travel to residential and commercial locations to inspect and diagnose problems
  • Replace faulty equipment and install new components on existing machinery
  • Perform regular maintenance to keep mechanical systems functioning correctly
  • Conduct safety inspections to ensure equipment is operating within guidelines
  • Design custom mechanical systems that match the specific needs of clients

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