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A Sheet Metal Worker is a tradesperson who specializes in using sheet metal to manufacture and repair different objects. They can create individual pieces of equipment or large pieces to be assembled during the construction process, such as HVAC systems. Sheet Metal Workers often for larger industrial manufacturing companies, and can also be employed by construction companies. It is a physically demanding job, one where a high degree of precision and attention to detail is necessary.

5 Requirements to be Sheet Metal Worker

  1. Complete an accredited metalworking training program (asset)
  2. Complete an apprenticeship with an experienced Sheet Metal Worker
  3. Be familiar with the necessary tools and equipment
  4. Ability to follow technical drawings and plans to the smallest detail
  5. Physically able to move, manufacture and install large pieces of metal

What does a Sheet Metal Worker do ?

A Sheet Metal Work crafts, shapes assembles, installs and repairs items made from sheet metal. They work in workshops or factories using heavy machinery to create sheet metal pieces to match the required dimensions for various construction projects. As each project is different, no two days are exactly alike. Typical duties include:

  • Meet with client to discuss projects
  • Create and review blueprints, diagrams and technical plans
  • Use heavy equipment to shape and create products from sheet metal
  • Assemble sheet metal parts using riveting, welding and brazing equipment
  • Install sheet metal products on residential, commercial and industrial properties
  • Perform maintenance and repair on existing equipment

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