From Mad Men to Micro-Targeting: Advertising in the 21st Century


By Daniel McDonald The world of advertising has changed drastically in recent years. Gone are the Mad Men days of the 1960s, when advertising companies only had to measure how many copies of each ad were printed, and how many people were likely to see it. With the widespread use of social media for sales [...]

SME Job Search SOS? LinkedIn to the Rescue!


By Lisa Dalla Vecchia, Manager of Alumni and Career Communications at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business Congrats! You’ve done your homework—researched your industry of choice and determined your functional area of interest—and have decided that you want to make your mark working for an SME. But how do you go about finding SMEs [...]



By David Lindskoog Networking, in the employment sense of the word, can be a tiresome task. It’s most often an obligation, not something you really want to do. The word evokes images of meaningless small talk, stiffly formal handshakes and business card exchanges. The act can feel competitive, inauthentic and even irritating. In other words, [...]