Back on the Job Market? Tips and Tricks for a Great Return

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For some, taking oneself off the job market is a vital decision. For others, it may be a way to recharge and come back stronger. Some do so for personal or family-related reasons, others seek new experience. Whatever the motivation may be and whether your absence lasted 2 months or 5 years, the time has [...]

The Environment: A Thriving but Little-Known Sector of Employment.

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By Immigrant Québec Water treatment, air quality analysis, soil decontamination, waste management: employment in the environmental services is booming and has a lot to offer newcomers to the Province of Québec. This sector hires as many as 65,000 workers in environment-related organizations within the province. Some businesses, most notably in the mining industry, also need [...]

Working in Quebec: The Experience of Three Immigrants

By Marie-Claude Savoie, Marketing Editor for Jobillico Most businesses today benefit from the chance of having employees of different nationalities. It is our case at Jobillico too: we have colleagues from Europe, South America and Africa. We’ve asked them for their story in a few words as well as some advice on how to make [...]