The Canadian CV

The Canadian CV

By Marie-Claude Savoie, Marketing Editor at Jobillico Whether in our interpersonal relationships or our way of seeing life, our culture greatly influences how we do things and our ways of living our life. This also applies to the field of employment! Every country has its own codes of conduct. When you look for a job, [...]

Jobillico’s 7th Anniversary


Happy Birthday Jobillico! By Marie-Claude Savoie, Marketing Editor for Jobillico. Wow! It’s been 7 years since Jobillico first went online! On this happy occasion, we thought we’d share with you how this company, founded in 2010 by 2 young visionaries from the Province of Québec, has become one of the major players in the field [...]

3 Causes for Loss of Productivity at Work

productivity at work

Valère Drainville, Instructor and lecturer. 1. Using the Wrong Tools In the digital age, the number of means of communication is forever on the rise; teleconferencing, forums, social media, email, SMS and so on. Each method has, of course, its pros and cons. Some balance between them needs to be maintained. Overuse of one can negatively [...]

How to maximize the benefits of your Master’s studies?

Avoir une maitrise emploi

By Marie-Claude Savoie, Marketing Editor at Jobillico Many reasons can explain why we want to pursue Master’s studies. It can be to open more doors on the job market, to realize a project that we’re passionate about or simply to increase our knowledge. But when you finally have your diploma in your pocket, what can [...]

The Retail Industry Has a Lot to Offer

Jobs at home Depot

By Marie-Claude Savoie, Marketing Editor at Jobillico The retail industry has a huge range of perks and advantages to offer its workforce. Whether through insurance programs, flexible hours or in-service training, the personal development of employees is at the forefront of industry values. After all, people are the heart and soul of this field of [...]

The New HR

HR how to recruit

By Danny Kronstrom, Marketing Coordinator at Jobillico with Mylène Fortin, Web Contents Editor at Jobillico The New HR Recruiting has evolved enormously over the last ten years. Such constant advances have driven HR departments to adapt again and again to keep up with new trends. The value of a well-established business is currently gauged via [...]

Five templates and some advice on how to boost your resume

How to build a resume

by Jessica Gohier The use of resume templates has gained popularity among jobseekers. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, what better way to stand out from the crowd? The basic strategy is simple enough: move away from any run-of-the mill, outdated look! Go for creative resumes in which you can simply remove placeholder text and insert [...]