INTERVIEW : The Concept of the Three “Vs”


According to a study from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), people evaluate each other using the three “Vs” concept: Visual (appearance in general) Vocal (voice, intonation and tone) Verbal (words and vocabulary) About 93% of the effectiveness of a person’s communication depends on nonverbal communication. Another study, conducted by a professor of [...]

5 ways of documenting your professional success

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Success in the workplace is without a doubt the top priority for any employee. While it’s perfectly natural to want to showcase this success, you might not be sure how to go about it. Here, then, are five ways to document your professional success… in a professional manner! 1. Track your evolution It’s easy to [...]

5 Tips to Better Time Management at work

time management

Last week, I was facilitating a Business Acceleration Conversation with a potential client to better understand their business, current landscape and realities, challenges, opportunities, etc.  As I was summarizing the meeting and asking what people liked most about it, I received one interesting question: “I always knew we were on a journey, I didn’t realize [...]

Four Reasons Why Recognition Isn’t so Common


Last night I was in a Dale Carnegie training session where participants had to provide a report on how they’d used one of the Leadership principles over the past week.  One participant took a different approach to this assignment and provided a report on how someone used the Leadership Principle on him and on how [...]

Accessing the Hidden Job Market: How to Find an SME Job


By Jordan Adams If you’re tired of the long, tedious, competitive process of applying to large companies, why not try tapping the “hidden job market” of SMEs? While the opportunities are sometimes under the radar, the rewards can be great. Many students are unaware of how many SMEs are out there—and similarly, SMEs face difficulties [...]

My Career, My Self


By Allison Whalen During my university years, I often envied friends in career-oriented programs such as law or physiotherapy—they had a goal in sight, a clear direction to move in. Their proverbial finish line was both graduation and the start of a career, whereas I seemed to float from class to class, eager to do [...]

Studying in the Sun


By Danielle Klassen Imagine a world where your classroom overlooks the ocean and your walk to campus is on sand, not concrete. Imagine working toward your degree while you work on your tan. The Caribbean provides numerous opportunities for Canadian students looking for more than a week at an all-inclusive resort—here’s a snapshot. “I would [...]

Start Your Career in Oil and Gas: SME Jobs Available for All Education Backgrounds


By Megan Stacey If small and medium-sized oil and gas companies aren’t already on your job watch list, they should be. In such a broad industry, the career possibilities are virtually endless. Jobs vary in their scope, location and required education—there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re graduating high school and thinking about entering the workforce, [...]


la course

By Kathy Kirkpatrick and Jill Latschislaw Is winter the time to think about your summer job? Yes! For most of you, the summer job is your main source of income; not only does it pay for your living expenses and social life, but it also helps cover most or all of your tuition for the [...]