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Check all the great benefits we offer at Wajax Corporation

 Company discounts

Employee Referral Program

 Receive a cash reward upon referring a successful candidate

Employee Assistance Program

 Confidential counselling and referral services for employees and their families on personal or work related matters that may affect their physical or emotional well-being.

 Carrier: Morneau Shepell

Group Home & Auto Insurance Program

 Discounted rates on customized insurance packages and options for home and auto insurance

 Carrier: Economical Select

Group Mortgage Program

 Mortgage savings on home purchase, mortgage renewal, debt consolidating, refinancing, etc.

 Carrier: True North Mortgage

Vehicle Purchase Program

 Purchase or lease a select model at an exclusive discount

 Carrier: GM, Ford, Chrysler

Fitness Membership Discount

 Save up to 15% off regular fitness memberships

 Carrier: Good Life Fitness or Energie Cardio in Quebec

Computer / Electronics Discount

 Discount on computers and other electronics

 Carrier: Dell

Cell Phone Discount

 Discount on cell phone plans and phone-related electronics

 Carrier: Telus

 Defined Contribution Pension Plan (DCPP)


 Eligible to join plan any time from date of hire

 Mandatory to join after 2 years of service

Employee Contributions

 3.5% of total earnings (base salary + bonus + commissions + overtime)

Company Contributions

 3.5% of total earnings (base salary + bonus + commissions + overtime)


 Not permitted

 Dental insurance


 85%; maintenance checkups, fillings, minor surgery, endodontic, periodontics and denture repairs

 6 month oral exams

Major Restorative

 50%; includes dentures, bridgework, restorations, complex surgery and implants


 50% up to $2,500 / lifetime / person (no age restriction)

Overall Maximum

 Basic and Major Restorative combined: $2,500 / calendar year / person

Annual Deductible

 Nil

Dental Fee Guide

 Payment based on the current year Dental Fee Guide for Province of Residence




 85%; written prescription required

 Dispensing fee: up to $10 / prescription (except Quebec)

 Generic drug substitute mandatory unless unavailable or adverse side effects


 100%; semi-private accommodation

Out of Canada

 100%; includes emergency treatment in excess of provincial Medicare & emergency personal travel assistance benefit

 Limited to $1,000,000 / lifetime / person

Manu Assist Travel

 Medical emergency while traveling outside province

 Max period of 60 days

Major Medical

 100%; includes medical supplies and appliances


 100%; up to $250 / 24 months for frames, lenses, contact lenses, and laser eye surgery

 1 eye exam / 12 months

Hearing Aids

 85%; up to $1,000 / 36 months / person

Private Nursing

 100% for in-home private duty nursing

 $10,000 / calendar year / person

Paramedical Practitioner

 Includes Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Psychologist, Massage, Speech, Osteopath, Naturopath, Podiatrist, Chiropodist, Acupuncture

 All combined paramedical $1,000 / year / person

Annual Deductible

 Nil

Overall Maximum

 Unlimited (inside Canada)

 Life insurance

Basic Life Insurance

 Employees: 2.0x annual base salary; maximum of $500,000

 Sales: 2.0x annual base salary + commission maximum of $500,000

 Age Reduction: Reduce by 50% at age 65

Basic AD&D Insurance

 Matches Basic Life Insurance

 Benefit provided in the event of accidental death, dismemberment or paralysis due to an accident

Dependent Life Insurance

 Flat benefit of $10,000 for spouse and $5,000 for each dependent child

Optional Insurance

 Additional Life and AD&D insurance available through payroll deductions

 Purchase in increments of $10,000 up to $250,000 for employee & spouse

 Purchase in increments of $5,000 up to $50,000 for dependent children

 Application is made within 31 days of insurance eligibility date

 100% paid by employee via payroll deductions

 Long-term disability insurance

Long Term Disability (LTD)

 Begins after 26 weeks of disability; stops at age 65 or recovery or death

 Monthly LTD benefit not to exceed 90% of monthly pre-disability income

 LTD Benefit pays 60% of first $2,500 monthly earnings; 50% of next $2,250 monthly earnings; 40% of remaining earnings up to a max benefit of $5,500 / month less any CPP, Worker’s Compensation, other earnings

 LTD Earnings = Base Salary + Commission (average 3 prior calendar years)

 Definition of Disability: based on the regular duties of your own occupation during the first 24 months of LTD benefit; any occupation thereafter

 Premiums are 100% employee paid, therefore non-taxable if ever collected

 Short-term disability insurance

Short Term Disability (STD)

 Continuation of income if off work due to sickness or non-occupational injury

The first three days of sick payments are subject to management approval

 After three successive days of absence, doctor’s note is required

 STD Earnings = Base Salary + Car Allowance + Commission (average 3 prior calendar years up to max $75,000)

 Payments may continue for up to 26 weeks for any one period of disability



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Wajax Corporation is a leading Canadian distributor engaged in the sale and service support of mobile equipment, power systems and industrial components. Reflecting a diversified exposure to the Canadian economy, Wajax has three distinct business divisions, which operate through a network of over 100 branches across Canada, with almost 2,800 Wajax team members.